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Just sign up...

Sign up for free! Enter your handle and avatar and we'll generate you your very own Pledsto page. Your online tip jar is now ready to be shared!

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You’ll get your very own custom Pledsto link. Make sure to tell your followers where to find it, that’s the most important step!

... and tell your fans to support

Now all you have to do is what you’ve been doing all along: be awesome and provide content and enjoyment for your fans!

Why Pledsto?


Less commitment

Other services require you to spend hours making content for your fans. With Pledsto, it takes just seconds to say thank you.


More money

Your fans can tip you $1, $3, or $5 or more directly. Pledsto takes just 5%-10% from the final payouts to keep our lights on and our dogs fed. 🐶 No hidden extra charges apply, and all transaction fees are included (unlike many similar platforms)!


More fun

A shout-out directly from the mouth of your favorite creator is more personal, more direct, and most importantly more fun than a few bytes of content. You’ll get paid for engaging with your fans. What’s not to love?

Don't believe us?

Let our users convince you and see our testimonials. Creating an account is completely free.

Pledsto is the easiest way out there for creators and hobbyist to set up a payment solution”

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Active, 3% fee

You automatically get upgraded for free after 10 pledges.
  • All features included
  • 3% fee on payouts
    No transaction fees!
  • 1-on-1 help anytime

Trial, 7% fee

Try Pledsto with no risk.
  • All features included
  • 7% fee on payouts
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What does Pledsto do?

In short, we help creators get paid — the most organic way possible — by their audience. We connect creators with their fanbase by making it really easy to create personal video shout-outs to supporters.

That sounds neat.

It is.

How does Pledsto work?

Once you create a user profile, Pledsto generates your personalized support page immediately. You can write your outgoing personalized messages to fans (or use our simple templates). Then, just share the Pledsto link with your audience!

Is it really that simple?

Yes. It really is that simple.

What payment methods are supported?

We're glad you asked. Currently, we support PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and regular credit cards.

Does the user have to do anything like create a Pledsto account?

No. All they need to fill out is their email address and their payment info.

Can they reach me through the Pledsto platform? Also, how does the shoutouts thing work?

Once someone pledges (i.e. puts in their email and payment info and amount), they're able to send you a message. After any new pledge, you receive an email. From there, you can choose to continue the chat or not. You can even record a video to them directly from your Pledsto page. And, hey: all chats look exactly like they would on your phone, so you won't have to deal with any confusing interface!

Can this be trusted?

Yes. We are new in the market, so trust is extremely important to us. We are a small enough company, at this point, that we can personally meet with each and every content creator interested in using our service. This means a short e-meeting (or online chat), where both of us get to know each other, and help with onboarding to the platform. We want to assure all the creators that we are a trustworthy platform.

Ok, I'm into this. How do I get paid?

It's pretty simple: we make money only if you make money. This means we only take a transaction fee from the money that flows your way — everyone starts with a 10% fee, but we'll reward active users by reducing the fee to just 5% after the first 10 pledges. Signing up is free and there are no monthly expenses!

What will my fans and followers get in return?

We make it super easy to send "micro-content" to your supporters. You can do it after each pledge, or monthly. You can also just use your Pledsto page as a donation platform, without setting any specific expectations.

I didn't need a password to sign up or login. What's up with that?

We use the technology of to securely log you in by using just your email address and a so called "magic link" (you can read more about the security of their solution at if you are interested).

So don't worry, your account is safe, since someone with bad intentions would have to be able to access your email to gain access to your Pledsto account.

I don't like reading. Can you show me a video that outlines this?