You're not doing it for the money, but ...

... a lot of your fans still want to support you.

Pledsto is:


Make your page personal and use your
own tone of voice


We make supporting you extremely simple
and straightforward.


Engage with your fans with one-time content.
It's really easy!


Your brand matters

Your fans love you, not a third party app like
Patreon or Ko-Fi

It should to be easy

Microsubscriptions and ease of use equals
more support from fans

‏‏‏‏‎No more stress‎‎‎‏‏‎‏‏‎

We are not another content platform you
need to keep up with.
“Many little streams make a mighty river! (of money)”

- Scrooge McDuck


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How does Pledsto work?

Check the demo video below to understand how Pledsto works. You can also open it to a new window from here.

Can this be trusted

We are new in the market, so trust is extremely important to us. It has been the #1 concern with our beta testers, so we are putting a lot of focus on it. Together with creators, we came to the conclusion that your fans trust you and as long as you trust us, we should be in the clear ❤️

We want to assure all the creators that we are a trustworthy platform, and that's why we personally go through each and every content creator interested in using our service. This means a short e-meeting (or online chat), where both of us get to know each other, and help with onboarding to the platform.

How do the "micro-subscriptions" work?

These small subscriptions are made possible by stacking payments and charging your fans after their micro-subscription support has reached the minimum amount of $0.60.

If your fan wants to support you with $0.10 a month, they will be charged once every 6 months. If they pledge $0.30 a month, they will be charged once every 2 months and so on. You will always receive the pledged amount monthly.

How much does this cost and when will I get paid?

It's pretty simple: we make money only if you make money. This means we only take a transaction fee from the money that flows your way. Signing up is free and there are no monthly expenses!

We are just starting out, and are well funded, so for now we offer the service completely free of charge if you sign up fast.


Ask for less. Get more.

Lower the Barriers of Entry!
On average, creators get only 0,5% of their subscribers to support them. We concentrate on lowering the barriers for your fans to support you financially.
It's just simple math.
Getting the 0.5% mentioned above to just 4% would mean that you would make at least 5 times more income from fans even with lower subscription amounts.
How about upselling?
Already supporting fans are more likely to pay even more in the future. We are building features to help you with this.