These are some of the questions we get asked a lot. You can email us at team@pledsto.com if you can't seem to find an answer in here.


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How does Pledsto work?

Check the demo video below to understand how Pledsto works. You can also open it to a new window from here.

Can this be trusted

We are new in the market, so trust is extremely important to us. It has been the #1 concern with our beta testers, so we are putting a lot of focus on it. Together with creators, we came to the conclusion that your fans trust you and as long as you trust us, we should be in the clear ❤️

We want to assure all the creators that we are a trustworthy platform, and that's why we personally go through each and every content creator interested in using our service. This means a short e-meeting (or online chat), where both of us get to know each other, and help with onboarding to the platform.

How much does this cost and when will I get paid?

It's pretty simple: we make money only if you make money. This means we only take a transaction fee from the money that flows your way. Signing up is free and there are no monthly expenses!

We are just starting out, and are well funded, so for now we offer the service completely free of charge if you sign up fast.

Which payment methods do you offer?

We support PayPal and card payments, as well as Google Pay and Apple Pay to those who have it available.

What do the fans get in return?

You decided that when you create your own Pledsto page. We make it super easy to send "micro-content" to your supporters. You can do it after each pledge, or monthly. You can also just use your Pledsto page as a donation platform, without setting any specific expectations.